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The impact of the economic crisis on micro, small, and medium enterprises and their crisis mitigation measures in Southeast Asia with reference to Indonesia

The literature on the impact of the economic crisis on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and how they deal with it is still limited. Focusing...

Power plays in Indonesian waters

Transforming Indonesia into a global maritime power is a complicated game.

Indonesia's ‘Great Power’ aspirations: a critical view

Indonesia is readying itself for a return to a diplomatic assertiveness not seen since the early 1960s. Partly, this reflects the approach of 0050...

Assessing Indonesia's normative influence: wishful thinking or hidden strength

This article takes a critical stance on Indonesia’s normative influence. Whilst normative influence does help explain why Indonesia matters beyond the...

The mood in Melanesia after the regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands

Melanesia is becoming a region of many partners, expanding diplomatic options and a new sense of independence. The wider context of the new Melanesian...

Clean water, safe future

Tackling Indonesia’s water and sanitation challenges.

Archipelago of Gear: the political economy of fisheries management and private sustainable fisheries initiatives in Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast archipelago, stretching over 3,000 miles and including the heart of the Coral Triangle. Fisheries and marine conservation is...

Sharing the benefits

How to fairly share and redistribute the money generated from reducing deforestation in Indonesia will be the subject of a new four-year $1.6 million research project to be led by Crawford School’s Professor Luca Tacconi.

Land locked

A rush from investors to snap up millions of hectares of Indonesian farming land masks a range of significant problems with land acquisition.

Chief Justice tackles Indonesian constitution

The leading Indonesian legal scholar, politician and Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia Mohammad Mahfud MD will discuss constitutional and legal reform in his country at the Crawford School on Monday.


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