Early release

Matchmaking: establishment of state‐owned holding companies in Indonesia

Early release Kim, Kyunghoon, June 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Insurance Plus Futures: agricultural commodity price reform in China

Early release Kenderdine, Tristan, May 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

'Japan is back': autonomy and balancing amidst an unstable China–U.S.–Japan triangle

Early release Fatton, Lionel P., May 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Capitalist maturity and South Korea's post‐development conundrum

Early release D'Costa Anthony P., May 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Analysis of the ‘Dutch Disease’ effect on the selected resource‐rich ASEAN economies

Early release Taguchi, Hiroyuki and Khinsamone, Soukvisan, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Aid policy and Australian public opinion

Early release Wood, Terence, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

The 'Belt and Road Initiative' and comparative regional productivity in China

Early release Gibson, John and Li, Chao, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Urbanising the rural: reflections on India's National Rurban Mission

Early release Singh, Chandni and Rahman, Andaleeb, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Measuring the redistributive effects of China's personal income tax

Early release Du, LI and Zhang, Zhongxiang, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

France and the Blue Pacific

Early release Maclellan, Nic, April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

At the crossroads: an uncertain future facing the electricity‐generation sector in South Korea

Early release Hong, Sanghyun and Brook, Barry W., April 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Two‐level games and Australia's defence procurement: the case of land‐based anti‐ship missiles

Early release Raymond, Gregory Vincent, March 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

Preventing Other ‘Marawis’ in the Southern Philippines

Early release Franco, Joseph, March 2018 paper no. 5 (2).

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